About Athletic Boosters 2017-18

Midland High School Athletic Booster Club

2017-2018 School Year


The Midland High School Athletic Booster Club (MHS ABC) exists to support athletes and athletic programs at Midland High School.  The 2017-18 school year is about to get underway so we would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new MHS ABC Board and inform you of our upcoming meetings. A summary of last year’s booster club activities is also provided to give you an idea of what the booster club was able to fund last year for our athletes.

2017-20-18   MHS ABC Officers

President:  Sarah Hills

Vice President – vacant
Treasurer:  Pam Gray

Secretary:  Deb Wild
Public Relations:  Mary Draves

Memberships/Promotions:  Jennifer Ray

Concessions: Christina Knochel

Volunteer/Sports Rep Coordinator: Amy Beasley


You are welcome and encouraged to attend our meetings the 4th Monday of every month at Midland High in Room 223 at 7:00 P.M. If you are unable to attend a meeting, please click on the meeting date below to review the minutes from the meeting.

Meeting dates are as follows:

MHSABC Minutes – 8-28-17


MHSABC Minutes – 9-27-17


MHSABC Meeting Minutes 10-23-17


November 27, 2017




January 22, 2018


February 26, 2018


March 26, 2018


April 23, 2018


May 28, 2018




MHS ABC Annual Report

2016-2017 School Year


Highlights for 2016-2017

  • Approved a budget of $60,000 using these criteria
    • Spirit Money for all teams
    • Continued support of previously established uniform rotation. This year uniforms were volleyball, boys cross country, softball, boys soccer and boys basketball.
    • Selected a couple of “big ticket” items to support (e.g. new softball scoreboard, relocate discus cage, $5000 towards Pole Vault Pads, swim lanes for the pool and trainer support)
    • Making impact on maximum number of teams by paying entry fees, which would provide relief to the Athletic budget, resulting in more available funds for buses
    • Replace coaching clinic budget with HUDL, silver school account level
  • Approved funding of the following
    • $12,.097 for gymnasium scoreboards
    • $3,000 for trainer supplies
    • $15,997.63 for uniforms in one year rotation
    • $1,103 for tournament and entry fees
    • $750 team recognition advertising fees for MDN
    • $4,914.58 in team spirit money
  • The annual Booster Bash event was held on March 24, 2017
  • MHS Portion of 2016 Booster Bash funds was $30,000
  • Raffle funds of $6,482 were deposited into team accounts according to their ticket sales
  • Awarded two $500 senior scholarships
  • Awarded 11- $100 summer camperships



The current board recommends the following for future years:

  • To build an enthusiastic and energetic membership from within the Midland Community.
  • Support activities deemed beneficial to the quality, safety and educational benefits of the athletic program to benefit as many athletes/programs as possible.
  • Provide a forum for dialog among stakeholders. Give all teams access to all the booster club has to offer and assist in fundraising activities for the booster bash.
  • Provide recognition for outstanding achievement.
  • In cooperation with Midland Public Schools purchase selected items for our athletic program.
  • Provide funding for limited scholarship award(s) to athlete(s) who demonstrate unique character and abilities. – 2 – $1000 and 2-$500 each year.