Chemics News · Online Ticket and Pass Procedures

Chemic Fans,

Midland High School has partnered with GoFan and Huddle Tickets in the 2019-20 to provide an online ticket option for every event.

Access the online ticket store powered by GoFan from the link at  Find the “more” tab.  Look for “Online Tickets.”

You can find a direct link to the site here.

Want to make your ticket 100% digital? Download the GoFan – High School Sports App to your smartphone.  Bring your phone to the game, open your “ticket”, and present your phone to the ticket taker.  He/She will validate that ticket, and you will be on your way.

You will also find a Frequently Asked Questions page.



Fans may purchase an adult 10 punch pass through the GoFan App.  Every game redemption will remove one “punch” from your pass.  Fans no longer need a paper card as your smart phone will keep the declining balance for you.


Student Athletes –

19-20 Midland Student Pass


Purchasing Instructions – Complimentary Student Athlete Pass


  1. Access this link (
  2. Select one (1) Student Athlete Pass. You may use the dropdown menu or key in the quantity.
  3. Enter your student ID to the Promo Code box. Click ‘Apply’.
  4. Click ‘Buy Now’.
  5. Log in or create a GoFan account (email and password). This is the email where your confirmation email with your pass will be sent.
  6. Enter additional information. The ‘Submit’ button will light up a darker blue once all form fields have been completed.
  7. Click ‘Buy Now’ to complete the order. You will not be prompted to enter credit card information.


Accessing Pass


  1. Download the free GoFan app (Apple or Android).
  2. Log in to the app using your GoFan account credentials (email and password).
  3. Click ‘My Tickets’ tab on the bottom sticky bar.
  4. Select 19-20 Midland Student Pass.
  5. Manage and use your pass.

*Your mobile pass is not associated with any specific events. The pass resets based on time, so it can be reused future events.


To redeem your pass at games:

Click on My Tickets

Show your pass at the gate to the ticket taker.

He/She will press “Validate Ticket” for the contest.  Once validated at a game, your pass cannot be used again for 2 hours.

Enjoy the Game!