Multiple Teams · Maya Albright Shares #MyReasonWhy

Playing only one sport limits your options. An injury, a bad experience with a coach or a reduced role on a more competitive team can bring an abrupt end to an athletic career. Such a small number of high school athletes move on to play a sport in college; even fewer earn an athletic scholarship. If the goal is to play as long as possible, perhaps it makes the most sense to play as many sports as possible?

See this post at titled 5 Reasons You Want your kid to be a multi-sport Athlete


This post is the third in a six-week campaign to encourage Chemics to play more than one sport, avoid sport-specialization, and fully engage in the opportunities only found in high school athletics. sat down with six Chemic multi-sport athletes to ask them “Why do you play?”  Their answers are genuine and in the true meaning of educational athletics.

Next up is Maya Albright who has played volleyball and soccer for the Chemics all four years.


See Maya’s Video Here.