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Chemics News · Midland High Launches Multi-Sport Award

Midland High School launches Multi-Sport Athlete Award.

Evidence shows that athletes who play multiple sports through high school experience lower rates of burnout, are less likely to suffer repetitive use injuries, develop complimentary athletic skills, experience different team roles, broaden their social network, and have better academic success.

The first installment of the Tom Hursey Multi-Sport Athlete Award was given at the Senior award assembly on Tuesday, May 15th.  The award is named in honor of long-time Chemic coach and teacher Tom Hursey who himself was a multi-sport coach.  Hursey coached 21 seasons of boys basketball, 9 seasons of softball, 9 seasons of boys golf, and two seasons of track.  He was inducted into the Midland High School Athletic Hall of Fame in 2016.


The capstone component of the award will be presented to any senior athlete who has successfully completed 3 sports seasons in each of his/her four years at Midland High School.  Award winners will receive a certificate, a lifetime pass to all Midland High School athletic events, and have their name permanently displayed at Midland High School.

Additionally, Midland High School will recognize student athletes participating in three sports during their 9th, 10th, and 11th grade years in the following manner.


9th grade = 3 Sport Chemic Athlete Blue t-shirt

10th grade = 3 Sport Chemic Athlete White t-shirt

11th grade = Letter jacket pin designating 3 sport status

12th grade = Tom Hursey Award


The Saginaw Valley League will begin honoring three sport athletes from member schools in any grade with a certificate and congratulations beginning with the 2018-19 school year.


This is no small achievement.  Students who participate in three seasons exemplify the best in Educational Athletics.


Tom Hursey Multi-Sport Athlete Award

Class of 2018


(As appearing in photograph L-R)


Brady Wing

Football, Swim, Golf, Cross Country, Track


Martin Money

Football, Basketball, Baseball


Matt Waier

Football, Wrestling, Baseball


Emily Corbat

Fall Pom, Winter Pom, Softball


Jacob Gomola

Football, Wrestling, Baseball, Track


Ben Woehrle

Football, Basketball, Baseball