Boys Track · Meet the 2018 Chemic Boys Track Seniors

L-R in Picture:
Jaelen Skym, Zach Savas, Joshua Lang, Jacob Mutscher, Spencer James, Aidan Haase, Ryan Coltson, Cam Graves, Ryan Berg, Zach O’Dell, Kenny Steinhilber
Missing from Picture:  Vaughn Walker, David Mach
Ryan Berg
Favorite event:  4×800
Favorite memory:  4×800 in Junior Year, 2nd lap going into turn 5, Coach Steve yelling for me to get the guy in front of me and bringing our team up to 3rd from 5th at Mt. Pleasant.
Not doing Track&Field I’m:  Welding Club
Future plans:  attending Delta College
Ryan Coltson
Favorite Track&Field events? Discus
Favorite Track&Field Memory?  Bus rides talking to coach Pennington
When I’m not doing Track&Field I’m… enjoying the outdoors
Futures plans? Delta for Criminal Justice
Cameron Graves
Favorite Track&Field events? shot put and discus
Favorite Track&Field Memory?  talking with coach Pennington
When I’m not doing Track&Field I’m…welding, exercising and driving my manual honda accord.
Futures plans? headed to the Air Force on July 17
Aidan Haase
Favorite Track&Field events? Hurdles
Favorite Track&Field Memory? Regionals
When I’m not doing Track&Field I’m… doing other school events like BPA, NHS, and Band, or hanging friends and/or family.
Futures plans? Study Computer Science at UofM
Spencer James
Favorite Track and Field Events: Hurdles, Hurdles, Hurdles, then the 4×400.
Favorite Track and Field Memory: Practices in the snow
When I’m not doing Track & Field: I’m looking up times on, playing mediocre basketball, decent spikeball, good frisbee golfing, or elite foosball.
My Future Plans are to serve a mission in Colombia starting June 26, then attending Brigham Young University in 2020 to study Economics.
Joshua Lang
Favorite track and field events – long jump
Favorite track and field memory – Running a sub 6 mile last year at Heritage meet.
When not doing track and field, I’m watching baseball.
Future plans – To become President of the United States.
David Mach (exchange student from Italy)

Favorite Track&Field event? Shot put

Favorite Track&Field Memory? Riding on the bus and staying with the friends that I made this year
When I’m not doing Track&Field I’m… Playing tennis, swimming, traveling and hanging out with my friends
Futures plans? Going back to Italy finish my Italian high school diploma and think about college
Jacob Mutscher
Fav events:  4X800, 800, and mile
Fav memory:  Freshman year going on long runs with upper classmen.
When I’m not doing Track&Field I’m….studying and hanging out with my friends.
Future:  become a Horned Frog at Texas Christian University!!
Zach O’Dell
Favorite Track&Field events?
Favorite Track&Field Memory?  My first time four stepping in the 110 hurdles. I worked so hard and felt proud.
When I’m not doing Track&Field I’m… Painting, swimming, and hammocking
Futures plans?  Going to Eastern Michigan University to study environmental science.
Zach Savas
Favorite Track&Field event? 4×100
Favorite track memory: the team playing a big game of hide & seek at the spaghetti dinner.
When not doing track: I sleep, watch TV & hang out with friends
Future plans: Over the summer I’ll be a camp counselor at MDSC Greek Camp. In the fall, I’m taking classes at Delta College.
Jaelen Skym
Favorite Track&Field events? 400m
Favorite Track&Field Memory?  PR’ing in the 400 my Junior year
When I’m not doing Track&Field I’m… playing cards
Futures plans?  Joining Marine Reserves and going to Ferris State.
Kenny Steinhilber
Favorite Track&Field event? 2 mile
Favorite Track&Field Memory?  first Varsity Invite to Davison in 10th grade.  I was very excited and nervous.
When I’m not doing Track&Field I’m…doing math competition problems, Boy Scouts, Cross Country, National Honor Society, Swimming, and Symphonic Band.
Futures plans? I’m going to the University of Michigan double majoring in Math and Physics and minoring in Computer Science. I hope to become a Physicist and perhaps do research for a University.