Girls Varsity Tennis, Varsity Girls Tennis · 2018 Varsity Tennis – Meet the Chemics

Megan Phillips is a junior at Midland High. She has been playing tennis competitively since freshman year because she loves the mix of teamwork and individual skill that the sport has. One goal that Megan has for herself this season is to improve the consistency and power of her serve. Megan is also caught playing Varsity Girls Golf in the fall and enjoys playing her violin in the Midland High Symphony Orchestra. She can’t wait to start a new season with her new team. Let’s go Chemic Tennis!!!
Hi I’m Ashley Welsch and I’m a softmore at Midland High! I started playing tennis at the age of four and have loved it ever since! Tennis has always been a full commitment for me. I have played in many tournaments over the years and love being able to play tennis at the high school level. Outside of tennis, I play piano for jazz band, flute for concert band, and I am president of Midland County Gray 4-H. If I could describe my goals for this season, it would be “always give it 100%”. I think this is important because people won’t remember every single game that you lost, but instead your sportsmanship and effort! I can’t wait for this 2018 season to begin! Go Chemics!!
Paige McCollister is a Freshman and has been playing tennis for 2 years. Paige chose tennis because she likes the challenge that tennis gives her and the fact you can always better yourself. Paige’s goals for this seasons is to become a stronger player and be asset to the team. Her other interests include playing volleyball and downhill skiing. Paige is very excited to be apart of the Varsity team this season! GO LADY CHEMICS!!
Trinity A. Looker, 11th Grade. Trinity has been playing tennis since the end of her 8th grade year and plays tennis for the challenge and for the fitness aspect of the sport. Her goals for the season are to become a better player and be a great team member. Her hobbies are reading, running cross country, playing with her dogs, watching movies (The Nightmare before Christmas is her favorite.), and spending time with her family, mainly her grandparents and little cousins. She is interested in physical therapy and welding. She says,” Lets make this a great year and Go Chemic Tennis!”

Mady Sherman has been playing tennis for two months starting this year, she joined tennis because she wanted to be more involved and has always wanted to try the sport. Mady has also played volleyball and lacrosse in the past and plans on running cross country in the fall. She is a member of the MHS student council, a staff writer on the Focus newspaper, a kick-off mentor, and a key club member.

Mady hopes to improve her personal game, as well as bond with the team. She hopes that everyone can achieve their goals this year and become a great team!
Genna Bovill-Mayne is a junior at Midland High School. She has been playing tennis since childhood, but focused on dance during her middle school years. Genna returned and recommitted to tennis her freshman year. Tennis is the sport for her because of family interest and exposure-her parents, siblings and cousins have all played competitive tennis. Genna enjoys all the aspects of this game and thrives on the camaraderie of her teammates. Genna’s primary goal for the season is to improve critical tennis skills, both as an individual, and as a team in order to compete, succeed and surpass former expectations. Behind the scenes, Genna is part of the Midland High Varsity Pom team and adores spending time with her friends, family, and beloved dog, Sailor.
Whittney Duford is currently a junior at Midland High School. She has played tennis for five years now and loves everything about the sport. Whittney picked up tennis after her older sister started playing for Midland High. Whittney is in the Midland High School symphonic band and loves to volunteer as an active member of Key Club. She would like everyone to remember that Chemic Tennis is about, “Talking through your racket, playing with your heart, and cheering for the Chemics.”
My name is Elizabeth “Bitsy” Mammel, I’m a junior, and this is my first season playing tennis! I thought I’d give tennis a shot because I wanted to try something new, and as soon as I picked up a racquet for the first time I fell in love! My goals for the season are just to learn the game and help my teammates as much as I can. Other than playing tennis, I am an editor for the Focus, a class rep on Student Council, and a member of Key Club! In my limited times of freedom, I enjoy watching “Parks and Rec” and being with my best friends. Go Lady Chemics!
Hannah Smith is a senior trying tennis for the first year. She has been interested in the sport for several years, but decided to finally try out for the varsity team. Hannah’s goal for the season is to help unite the girls to win close matches. Hannah has been a three sport varsity athlete at MHS, and will continue to play basketball at the collegiate level at Hope College. Hannah is also involved in writing for the school newspaper, Student Council, BPA, & NHS. Hannah is excited to continue tennis as a lifelong sport. Once a chemic, always a chemic!
Rebekah Stanley is a sophomore who has been playing tennis for three years. She enjoys tennis because it’s both mentally and physically challenging and it requires individual effort as well as teamwork. This season she hopes to improve her skills and bond with her teammates. In addition to tennis, Rebekah runs cross country and plays basketball. She also plays the violin in Symphony and Honors Orchestra. Rebekah is looking forward to an exciting Lady Chemics season!
Katie Berchert is a junior and has been playing tennis for three years. She enjoys playing tennis in her free time with her friends. Katie is excited for a grest season. Go Lady Chemics!
Bethany Welter is a junior at Midland High and this is her second season on the varsity tennis team. She loves the sport because of the teamwork between doubles teams and the bond between the whole team. Bethany hopes that the team can place first at a tournament this season! She also plays on the varsity basketball team and loves to read and hang out with her friends. Go Chemic Tennis!
I’m Maddi Roberts and I’m a senior at MHS. This is the first time I’ve ever played tennis so I am very grateful for this opportunity to represent Midland High. I’ve played on Varsity Soccer for two years, but this year I wanted to try something new and I’ve grown to love tennis. At MHS I’m involved in Student Council, DECA, BPA, NHS, and Symphony Orchestra. This season I hope to improve my skills and win some matches. Chemic Pride!!