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Chemics News · 2017 Homecoming Court

2017 Midland High School Homecoming Court


Freshman Representatives

Kimberly Wiggins and Tanner Squires

_MG_3672_MHS_HC_2017, Freshman Attendants, 5x7

Kimberly is the daughter of Anne-Marie and Christopher Wiggins.  Kimberly is the third Wiggins family member to go through Midland High School.  She plans to participate on the soccer team in the spring and enjoys spending time with her family.

Tanner Squires is the son of Emily and Jon Squires.  Tanner is on the drumline with the Midland High Marching Band and plans on trying out for the MHS hockey team.  Tanner wishes to thank his classmates for voting for him.


Sophomore Representatives

Misa Halphen and Parker Kraenzlein

_MG_3669_MHS_HC_2017, Sophmore Attendants, 5x7

Misa Halphen is the daughter of Mayumi and Will Halphen.  Misa is currently on the Chemic swim team, a sophomore representative on student council, and on the tennis team.

Parker Kraenzlein is the son of Scott and Amy Kraenzlein.  Parker’s hobbies include hockey and homework. He is currently a member of Victory Honda U-16 triple A hockey team.  He has ambitions to become a Division 1 hockey player at Dartmouth College.


Junior Representatives

Samantha Vansumeren and Nathan Streitmatter

_MG_3664_MHS_HC_2017, Junior Attendants, 5x7

Samantha Vansumeren is the daughter of Leigh Anne and Mark Vansumeren. Samantha has been a member of the Chemic basketball, soccer, and cross country teams.  She enjoys running and spending time with her dog, Fletcher.

Nathan Streitmatter is the son of Kimberly and Matthew Streitmatter.  Nathan is involved in DECA and BPA.  He is also on the Chemic cross country, track, and swim teams.


Senior Representatives


_MG_3650_MHS_HC_2017, Senior Attendants GROUP, 5x7


Riley Rajewski and Ben Gordon

_MG_3657_MHS_HC_2017, Senior Attndants, 5x7

Riley Rajewski is the daughter of Wendy and Dan Rajewski.  Riley is a member of the National Honor Society, BPA, and a KO mentor here at Midland High.  She has also been a part of the Chemic basketball and soccer teams.  She plans on playing soccer at Northwood University.

Ben Gordon is the son of Karrie and Rob Gordon.  Benjamin is the senior class president, a member of the football team, an avid volunteer, and a part of his youth groups’ worship team.  He enjoys spending time with his family, playing guitar, and hanging out with his friends.


Hannah Smith and Caleb Wolfe

_MG_3660_MHS_HC_2017, Senior Attendants, 5x7

Hannah Smith is the daughter of Kristin and Tom Smith.  Hannah is a well-rounded senior who participates in varsity basketball, student council, sports editor for the newspaper, a member of the National Honor Society, and KO mentor.  In her free time she enjoys the outdoors and running with her dogs.   Hannah plans on playing collegiate basketball next year.

Calab Wolfe is the son of Angie Meyers and Greg Wolfe.  Caleb is a Student Council Executive Officer and also the co-captain of the disc golf team. Outside of Midland High, he is a member of the Midland Christian basketball team and is actively involved in his church.  He is planning on going to college out of state.


Allison Gray and Matt Waier

_MG_3654_MHS_HC_2017, Senior Attendants, 5x7


Allison Gray.  She is being escorted by her parents, Dave and Pamela Gray.  Allison stays busy as a member of the National Honor Society, Midland County Youth Leadership, and the Blessed Sacrament Outreach Team.  She also has been a member of the MHS varsity softball team for three years.  She enjoys spending her free time with friends and family.

Matthew Waier is the son of Amy and Steve Waier.  Matthew is a member of the Midland High varsity football, wrestling and baseball teams.  He is involved with the National Honor Society, Kick Off Mentor and the Kiva Club.  He has a love for music, playing the piano and cello.  He also enjoys hanging out with his friends.


Homecoming King and Queen

Hannah Bartels and Quinn Seeburger

_MG_3642_MHS_HC_2017, King & Queen, 5x7

Hannah is the daughter of Joellen and Michael Bartels.  Hannnah is an active member of the National Honor Society, KO mentor, and is in her 13th year of girl scouts.  She has a visual eye and is a member of the photography club.  She also loves to sing and is a member of the best choir in town, the Midland High Meistersingers.


Quinn is the son of Peggy and Jeff Seeburger.  Quinn is a proud member of both the varsity Soccer team and Chemic Drumline here at Midland High.  He is involved in the National Honor Society, Midland County Youth Leadership and Kiva club.  Quinn enjoys music, going to concerts, and being outdoors with his friends.


Congratulations Chemics!