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Meet the Seniors and Captains – Boys Track 2017


This is Spencer Eurton’s first year of MHS track. He sprints, hurdles, and long jumps… favorite even is 100 meter sprint. Spencer would like to beat all his times from last year. His advice for younger teammates: Try! Try! Try! Do your best and don’t give up. Future plans include doing his best to see how far he can go in life.

Aaron Guzman is a middle distance specialist with the 800 being his favorite. Aaron is a captain and has run track for 4 years. His advice: Work hard and go for your goals now instead of later. Aaron plans to attend Southern New Hampshire University and transfer to a Division 1 or 1 school to continue running.

Aidan Haase is actually a junior but is also a captain. This is Aidan’s 3rd year of track. Hurdles and the 4 x 400 relay are his events with 110 hurdles as his favorite. His goal for the season is to place in the top 2 at regionals and make it to states. Advice: work hard and keep trying to get PR’s.

Jacob Hine is a captain and beginning his 4th year of MHS track. He runs middle and long distance for the team. His favorite is the 800 with a goal to beat 2:10. His advice to younger team members: Always push yourself and commit to your goals. Future plans: Attend a trade school and become a mechanic.

Hanbyul Johnson has run MHS track for 4 years. He’s a captain focused on long distance races with a goal of 10:00 in the 3200. Advice: focus on running a smart race and get involved! Watch events other than your own. Future plans: study computer science and continue running with plans for a marathon.

Carson Kraenzlein is in his 3rd year of MHS track. He’s a captain specializing in field events. Carson’s favorite event is the discus throw. His advice to younger team mates: The end comes quicker than you think. Future plans: Attend Lawrence Tech University and study mechanical engineering.

This is Jacob Krueger’s 4th year running MHS track. He’s a captain. Jacob is a middle distance runner and enjoys the 4 x 800 relay. Goal: Improve his speed and endurance. Advice: Work hard but have fun and get to know others on the team. Plans: Attend college, become a strength & fitness trainer.

Noah Lasky is now in his 3rd MHS track season and is a captain. He hurdles, sprints, and does long jump. Noah’s favorite event is the 300 meter hurdles. His goal is to qualify for the state track meet. Future plans for Noah include attending Grand Valley State University to study supply chain management.

This is Garrett May’s first year of running MHS track. He is a middle and long distance runner with the 800 as his favorite event. Garrett’s goal this season is to run an 800 in the 1st heat. Advice for teammates: Don’t stop! Try new events. Future plans: Garrett plans to join the U.S. Army.

Jose Paz is enjoying his first year of MHS track. He runs the 1600 and high jumps. Jose’s favorite is the 1600. His goal is to push himself hard in order to do well. Advice to team members: Try your best. If you are good, help others to be good, too. Jose plans to attend college.

This is Owen Peck’s first year on the MHS track team. He’s a sprinter and long jumper. His favorite event is the 100. Owen’s goals for the season: Win, make friends, have fun, be committed. Advice for the team: Focus, never give up, try your best. Plans: College, job, marriage, and kids.