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Girls Junior Varsity Tennis, Girls Varsity Tennis · 2017 Girls Tennis Preview

Come Cheer on the 2017 Girls Varsity Tennis Team! You know where we play, so stop by and cheer us on. But when you come you must remember, only cheer loudly for CLEAR WINNERS! (Use a “quiet” fist pump if our opponent goofs up!)

This team looks forward to competing against a tough schedule and expects to make a good showing at Valleys and Regionals. Our goal is to go to states in Holland and graduate our ten seniors on the SAME DAY!!

Girls Tennis 2017

Row 1: Brynn Rohde, Katie Berchert, Selena McCray, Laura Lange (co-captain), Hypatia Swanson Row 2: Andrea Sova, Bethany Welter, Maddie McLaren, Hannah Goff, Arianna Hohner (co-captain) Row 3: Ashley Welsch, Salomé Do, Trinity Looker, Brittney Duford


Tennis Chart 1

This year’s team has a lot of senior leadership. Let’s meet the team, beginning with the seniors….

Arianna Hohner fondly remembers winning her Regional match sophomore year after 3 hours on court and that she had a lot of great team support cheering her on. Her favorite Disney movie is “the Lion King”. Arianna is a co-captain of the team this year.

Laura Lange is the other co-captain. Her favorite Disney movie is “Pocahontas” and her favorite tennis memory was winning a three hour match in the finals at Williamston last year with her partner, Hannah….”when all they did was lob and I couldn’t stop crying.”

Hannah Goff, Laura’s doubles partner shares the same tennis memory, but tells it a little bit differently… “Laura had gotten sunscreen in her eye so she was crying the whole time and we were both really burnt; however, we still won the match and it was a really good experience!” Hannah likes the Disney movie “Moana”.

Hypatia Swanson loves the movie “Aladdin”. She joined the tennis team sophomore year and her favorite tennis memory was during Regionals that year. Hypatia played five matches that day, beating all the seeded players and was the #3 Singles Regional Champ!

Selena McCray shares the rather unfortunate memory of “becoming the team lobster” after getting sunburned at the Jim Teal tournament (first one last year). She is now the sunscreen police for the team! Her favorite Disney movie is “the Lizzie McGuire Movie”.

Maddie McLaren says that the greatest Disney show is Pixar’s “Wall-E”. Her favorite time on the tennis team was making tie-dye shirts with last year’s very close-knit team.

Brynn Rohde enjoys “making up my own on-court code to strategize during doubles with (doubles partner) Andrea”. Brynn’s loves “Beauty and the Beast”.

Andrea Sova is a fan of the Disney “Halloween Town” series. Her favorite tennis team memory is when they had a team sleepover sophomore year and “we had the greatest time singing at a campfire.”

Salomé Do is another teammate who likes the movie “Aladdin”. She shares a tennis memory: “I loved being one of the captains on the JV team last year because I got to know all of the players and it felt like we were more of a family than a team. I not only improved my tennis skills, but my leadership skills too.”

Brittney Duford always enjoys the car rides to away matches. Hmmm… that because maybe they get to watch her favorite Disney movie (“Lilo and Stitch”) in the car?? Now meet the underclassmen….

Trinity Looker fondly remembers the day that she got her tennis racket from Mike Woody. She likes both “Pirates of the Caribbean” AND “Beauty and the Beast”.

Katie Berchert likes the movie “Secretariat”. Her favorite tennis match (so far) was winning a match over at Dow last year, after winning both sets in a tiebreaker.

Bethany Welter is happy to have made the varsity team as a sophomore. Bethany likes the movie “the Little Mermaid”.

Ashley Welsch likes the movie “Bedtime Stories” and her favorite tennis memory was winning in the finals of a USTA tournament.

The team also wanted to tell everyone their favorite “go-to” shots….but in case our opponents are scouting this out, we will just reveal this chart that shows that when opponents face the Midland Chemics, they will come up against a BALANCED attack! (we’ve got ALL the shots!!)

Tennis Chart 2


Our other “secret weapons” are our managers, Brandon Johnson and Micah Carroll….yes, we are ready to hit the courts!!