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Boys Junior Varsity Tennis, Boys Varsity Tennis · Brendan Doyle sets Tennis Mark

Senior Brendan Doyle recently became the first Chemic boys tennis player to reach the 100 win mark.  During his career Doyle played #3 doubles as a 9th grader, #1 doubles during his sophomore and junior years, and has a 2016 record of 20 win and 3 losses as a #3 singles as a senior heading into regional play.  His win total surpassed a few legends of Chemic tennis including 3-time First Team All-State John Pelton who is widely considered the best player in the history of Midland High School.  Most of the individuals at the top of the list achieved the bulk of their wins playing the best competition at #1-singles.



The top 10


Player                                   W-L                        Years

Brendan Doyle                  101-18                   2013-2016

John Pelton                        97-12                     2002-2005

Luke Mills                            93-33                     2011-2014

Ian Von Wald                     91-10                     2007-2009

John Telfer                         86-17                     2004-2007

Michael Kennett              83-17                     2002-2005

Josh Hentschel                  80-14                     2012-2015

Chris Kaiser                         77-33                     2007-2010

Tyler Hovey                        74-24                     2002-2005



Brendan Doyle Q&A


What does it mean to you to have achieved 100 wins?



It is an honor to get 100 wins and break the school record, it just shows that hard work really does pay off. Also, I appreciated the great support system at Midland High


How has the transition been for you going from doubles to singles?



The transition from doubles to singles is a pretty big jump and it is more stressful on the body. I prefer playing singles over doubles because I feel more in control.


How does the fact that you had 3 different varsity tennis coaches affect your game?



I have to admit the thought of having three different coaches in my four years on the Varsity tennis team should have had a negative impact on my game, but I took a piece from each coach and implemented their ideas into my game. Overall, I feel that made my game better


How did your long-time doubles partner Josh Hentschel shape your career?



I played with Josh for three years. My freshman year we played three doubles and the last two years at one doubles.  I feel very fortunate to have played with such a great partner who knew the game of tennis well. Not to mention he played a “mean” net game



Doyle’s doubles partner, Josh Hentschel had this to say:

“Brendan was a fantastic teammate. He is a reserved guy, but leads by example. He always expected perfection from himself. As his doubles partner, this was contagious. You felt bad if you missed because he never did that. The best part was he never put you down. He was always encouraging and made playing with him easy. Getting a 100 hundred wins is an amazing accomplishment. After the first year together, we discussed how he could set the record and get over 100. This made us work even harder for his goal realizing the opportunity.  Brendan’s achievement of this goal just shows you how hard he worked for it, and how talented he is. I hope younger kids in the program are inspired to work hard and break his record. Couldn’t have asked for a better partner.”




Brendan’s last two coaches, John Telfer and Jordan Palladino weighed in on Doyle’s career with a Q & A session of their own.


Question #1. How would you describe Brendan?


Coach Telfer:

Brendan is a man of character – he shows great maturity in the way he leads and competes both on and off the court. He is a great representation of the type of student-athletes that Midland High hopes to produce, strong competitors who desire to win but understand the greater importance of character over simply winning matches.



Coach Palladino:

Brendan is a very consistent and smart tennis player, a leader on the team, and an overall great young man. He never complains about circumstances and about situations in matches. He just shows up and plays great tennis every match. He never allowed his opponents to get in his head or effect his game. He has a great calm demeanor on the court and goes out ready to win every time he plays.




Question #2. What does it take to win 100 matches?


Coach Telfer:

The ability to consistently show up for matches – Brendan is a player who never loses to a player he is better than; unlike most tennis players (including myself), he is able to consistently deliver the expected result, and if he loses you that he will go down competing to the best of his ability as he did against Dow at Valleys last Thursday.



Coach Palladino:

Winning 100 matches takes a great deal of consistency and dedication to tennis and to getting better. In order to set a school record for wins, Brendan needed to show up every match for several years, ready to play, compete and win. It also takes beating some very good opponents and making sure that you don’t back down and are able to win tough close matches. There are many matches along the way that he could have easily lost, but ended up winning. Brendan always played his best tennis under pressure and against his best opponents and that winning mentality helped him get to this point. No matter what, Brendan always was ready to play and put out a great match.



Question #3. Why do you think Brendan was the first to do so?


Coach Telfer:

As I mentioned above, I think Brendan’s greatest strength has been his consistency – he has had the most wins and best winning percentage at Midland High practically every year since joining the team (a feat I accomplished once and John Pelton only accomplished twice). This level of consistency and having full match schedules most of his seasons allowed him to reach 100 wins with more coming this week.


Coach Palladino:

I believe that Brendan was the first player to get to 100 wins at MHS because of a great mentality, 4 years of consistently great play and the ability to step up in close matches and when the pressure was on. Brendan was extremely consistent. Every match he came out ready to play. He put away his easy opponents and never shied away from tough ones. I always knew that Brendan was going to play great tennis whenever he stepped onto the court. Also, I believe he was able to get here because of a great team around him that was able to help make him better and also advance in tournaments. In addition, he was helped by a great partnership with Josh Hentschel for 3 years. That doubles team of Josh and Brendan worked together amazingly. They played off each others strengths and were able to put together 3 extremely successful years, including 2 years at 1st doubles, playing the best teams in the state. The doubles team of Josh Hentschel and Brendan Doyle is the best team that I have ever coached and I believe they were one of the best teams in the state and ever at MHS.







Question #4. How has Brendan made the transition from a doubles to singles player? Is it difficult?


Coach Telfer:

I think the transition from singles to doubles can be difficult, mostly just for a player’s mental game. I know Brendan had some nerves switching from doubles to singles early in the year, but as the season has gone on he has developed more and more confidence being alone on the court and has shown that his game is versatile enough to handle playing both singles and doubles. His experience playing both singles and doubles will be great preparation for his college tennis career.


Coach Palladino:

I am extremely impressed about how Brendan has made the transition from singles to doubles. Brendan just came off three very successful year with Josh at doubles and made a flawless transition to singles. Not only has he never played high school singles before, but he is crushing most of his opponents. Singles and doubles are played very differently, so be be that consistently good in multiple levels of the team is very challenging.

Doyle 100