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Multiple Teams · Wrestlers Head to State Tournament


Two Chemic wrestlers will be headed to the Division I MHSAA state individual wresting tournament from March 3-5 at the Palace of Auburn Hills.  Senior Zach Donoghue is seeded #4 at the 152 lb weight class.  Junior Hunter Schneider is seeded #6 at the 171 lb weight class.


Each wrestler was asked a few questions heading into the tournament.  Coach Michael Donovan also weighed in on the excellent season and career they both have had.



Zach Donoghue

Zach 1 Zach 3




Question #1: What are your thoughts about wrestling in the state finals at the Palace this week?


Answer: I’m nervous, this being my first time and senior year, add a bit of sadness, and fire to it. It’s sad because it’s my last high school wrestling match of my life, but it just makes me want to go out and lay it all on the mat and leave no regrets whenever it may be that I step off the mat that final time.



Question #2.       How would you describe your season?  Have you had any obstacles to overcome?


Answer: My senior season has been a good one for me. I have won a good deal of matches that up until this year, I could have never saw myself winning. My biggest obstacle to overcome mentally and physically, was when I got the flu, the day of my senior night Dow match, against my cross town rival, at home, with everyone watching. I ended up losing that match and going home sick before wrestling western. I had to first overcome the mental portion of just gaining some confidence back on my shots, with the help of coach, then getting my body back into shape in that extremely crucial point of the season.


Question #3.     You are a veteran wrestler at MHS – please comment on your wrestling career at MHS.


Answer: Up until last year, my first year with coach Donovan, I think it is safe to say I was nowhere where I wanted to be, and nowhere anyone expected me to be with my high school wrestling career. When Donovan came along, he transformed our team of nobody wrestlers, into a force to be reckoned with. We now had a team of scrappy kids who people were beginning to notice around school, and around the SVL. It is a feeling like no other, and I owe every bit of it to Mike Donovan. He taught us that with the right mindset, right amount of hard work, and heart, we truly can beat anyone. If I could say anything to the SVL for the next few years, it would be to watch out, because Donovan is building a powerhouse team that Midland will be proud of.


Final thoughts?

Answer: Thank you to everyone who has supported the wrestling team this past year. We had an OUTSTANDING crowd at the home meets that we had, that I had not seen at any of my years wrestling at Midland High. It means a lot to our wrestlers and families, so thank you.

Coach Donovan’s take:


“Zach has come so far and it’s all due to his work ethic.  He started his career as a freshman with a 12-20 record and spent much of the next two seasons on the sidelines with injuries. He got healthy enough to wrestle at the end of the season last year and finished one match short of the state tournament. Each practice this year he went on a mission to get better so that he could get himself to this point. He’s probably the first wrestler I’ve ever had to tell to take the intensity down at times.  He’s strong, but he’s not the strongest. He’s fast, but there’s plenty quicker.  He wins matches by making sure he isn’t outworked for a single second of a match. Each drop of sweat and blood has been towards accomplishing this goal and myself and my staff couldn’t be more proud of him.  I will be using Zach as a model for generations of Chemic Wrestlers to come.  He is a great leader and an even better person.”





Hunter Schneider

Hunter 2 Hunter 3



Question #1: What are your thoughts about wrestling in the state finals at the Palace this week?

Answer:  I feel like I’m ready for the tournament. I’ve been working for this ever since i was a little kid.




Question #2.       How would you describe your season?  Have you had any obstacles to overcome?

Answer: My season has been the most successful of my high school career.


Question #3.     You are a veteran wrestler at MHS – please comment on your wrestling career at MHS. 


Answer: Wrestling at midland high has had its ups and downs. The facilities we get to use from our wrestling room to the locker room and weight room are awesome and definately help give the kids a edge. coach has done a good job i think with what he is given at midland we don’t have very many talented wrestlers and he manages to throw a team together that can compete he also does a great job in  pushing the kids to reach their goals.



Coach Donovan’s take:


“Hunter is a straight up mat rat.  9 months out of the year he’s on the mats training to be the best.  He gets in extra workouts on Sundays during the season when 99 percent of the state is relaxing on the couch. He travels the country seeking out the best competition and taking it to them all summer long and he pays for it all himself.  This fearless attitude was important as his bracket at regionals featured 5 top 10 ranked wrestlers and he didn’t flinch a bit.  Hunter always brings his best when he’s wrestling the best kids and is his own harshest critic when watching his matches because he knows he has the potential to be the best wrestler in Midland’s history. In addition to Hunter’s skill improvement, his mental toughness has become a strength of his.  No matter the position or the score or how much time is left, he is always calm and collected and knows what he has to do to win. As a teammate, Hunter is never shy about showing a teammate a new technique or move to help them get better.”



When asked about their prospects, Coach Donovan said,

“As for making predictions about the State Tournament, I stopped doing that a long time ago.  This tournament is where “the truth comes out”.  It shows who’s been working hard and who has been getting by on just talent.  Every point is critical in every match and I feel good in the preparation these two have put in.  They’re both so committed to the sport and fear no opponent.  Some guys crumble under the bright lights and big arenas, but these two have bought into the process that Chemic Wrestling preaches so fully that we know they’re going to give every opponent their toughest match.”



Fans unable to make it to the Palace can catch all the action on the NFHS Network. Follow the link below:

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