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Chemics News · Chemic Pong 2015-16

The waiting is over!  After an unceremonious end to last year’s Ping Pong season, the Chemic Pong club has seen a resurgence in membership, interest, and of course competition.

Membership: You can join the Midland High ping-pong for only $5! This will cover the balls and fixing of tables throughout the year.

Meeting Times:  The club meets after school each day in the girls loft from 2:30-3:30.

Tournaments: Must register your $1 a week before the tournament date. It will be returned once you show up for the tournament. Excludes the city-wide tournament.

December 15th

January 5th-Alumni Tournament

January 12th

January 19th

January 26th-City wide tournament

February 2nd

February 9th

February 16th

PCS final tournament-TBA

*All dates subject to change

League Officers

Club President- Jonathan Haynes

Club Advisors- Mr. Will Luzar, Mr. Eric Albright, Mr. Brian Edelbrock

Club Captains- Josh Hentschel, Korn Supabatrupa

Club Tournament advisor- Mason Dominowski

Tournament Help- Virgil Walker, Jonathan Jardis

Rankings Committee: Chair-Josh Hentschel, Mason Dominowski, Weondong Hwang, Jake Pajk

Current Members: If you have not paid or given your phone number to Jon or Josh, you need to do so before the first tourney!


Season Rankings and Preview:


Although the 2014-15 PCS tournament was cancelled and no clear-cut champion crowned in March, Josh Hentschel finds himself atop the 2015-2016 Pre-Season Pong rankings by virtue of leading the point standings when the season ended.  Sixth-ranked Weondong Hwang quickly put the target on the front-runner’s back. “All the veterans are gunning for Hentsch.”


Although no longer a student at MHS, Korn Supatrabutra has made his mark and earned his place among the leading contenders at #2.


Mason Dominowski is hoping his long reach and break-out football season will give him an edge to take down the top two.  No word yet if the visor will make an appearance during the pong season for the #3 ranked player.   Dominowski added, “It is going to be another exciting year.  We are hoping to have a city championship doubles tournament later in the year.”


Jacob Gomez (#4) joins Hentschel as the lone tennis players in the top five.  Interestingly enough, neither played singles tennis for the Chemics.  Some might even say at times they each relied on their doubles partner to carry them on the tennis court.  Time will tell if this puts either at a disadvantage in the fierce table-tennis circuit.


The #5 preseason pick is the first Pajk brother to appear in the rankings.  Clearly underrated by social media users, MHS Senior – Jake, actually finished tied for 4th in a recent Twitter poll of “Who’s your favorite Pajk?”


#6-10 features three tennis players and two varsity football players.


Weondong Hwang ruled the tennis courts as the Chemics’ #1 singles player.  He has some work ahead of him to gain the same spot in the loft.


Kyler Bruce at #7 will also be one of the Chemics’ top bowlers this winter.  Can he knock down pins and opponents on his way up the rankings?


Although the aforementioned “Pajk Poll” placed Luke Pajk in the top spot with 32% of the vote, the preseason Pong rankings find him only at #8.  Some insiders however consider the first left-handed player to appear in the poll a sleeper among the field to challenge for the top spot.  A player who declined to be named mentioned, “Luke Pajk has given Hentschel problems in the past.  Josh can’t handle his awkward – but devastating serve.”


#9 DeWildt & #10 Delong connected for many scores on the gridiron, but will be adversaries in the cut throat world of Ping Pong.

Up and Comers?



Cam Mills at #16 and #17 Noah Adamcik are the first Freshman representatives in the poll.  When asked about his prospects during his rookie season, Mills responded, “We gotta play ’em one day at a time.  I’m just happy to be here. Hope I can help the Pong club.  I just wanna give it my best shot and, the good Lord willing, things will work out.”



1.Joshua Hentschel
2.Korn Supatrabutra
3.Mason Dominowski
4.Jacob Gomez
5.Jake Pajk
6.Weondong Hwang
7.Kyler Bruce
8.Luke Pajk
9.Payton DeWildt
10.Luke Delong
11.Josiah Greiner
12.Nate Rapanos
13.Kyle Taylor
14.Mitchell Dominowski
15.Jack Somers
16.Cam Mills
17.Noah Adamcik
18.JC Pritchett
19.Lan JinYi
20.Tim Hackbarth
21.Zac Schneider
22.John White
23.Luke Waskevich
24.Connor Hills
25.Justin Witt
26.Methinter  Kamnark
27.Matt Elliot
28.Connor Letzkus
29.Gabe Eckerle
30.Carter Grove
31.Matt Nehrt
32.Cam Formsma
33.Nathan Streithaffer
34.Tommy Pritchett
35.Ethan DePierro
36.Micah Carroll
37.Austin Cochran
38.John Marinan
39.Adam White
40.Quinn Seeburger
41.Ian Andridge
42.Jordan Kohler
43.Owen Postma
44.Lexy Lang