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The Origin of Vic the Lion

How does a school with the nickname “Chemics” end up with a lion for a mascot?

In 1938, after the construction of the new high school located on the corner of Rodd and Reardon Streets, the Midland High School Student Union (which is our modern day student council) decided that some new traditions to foster school spirit should honor the new school building.

A small stuffed lion was purchased to serve as the new school’s physical mascot, and a contest was held by the student union to decide his name. Vic, short for Victory, was the winning name.

Tickets were sold to students each year as a class competition to decide which year of graduation was to be engraved on Vic’s collar. Over the years, the original Vic and his collar have been lost to history.  Other traditions implemented at the time have faded – such as the name of the school yearbook (The Vic) and the title of the school newspaper (Vic Tribune.)

Vic found a resurgence and new popularity during a memorable 2007-2008 school year that saw the Chemic football and hockey teams both make improbable playoff runs to reach the MHSAA state finals.  Amid the growth of Chemic Pride, the MHS student council purchased a new full-size mascot costume, and Vic was reborn.

Vic still serves as our school mascot to this day.  He is often found in the Chemic student section at basketball or volleyball games, patrolling the sideline at a football game, or even hiding in the current school paper The Focus.

Pink Vic    IMG_0733