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Multiple Teams · New Registration Procedure for Try-Outs and Practices

Beginning with the 2014-15 fall sports season, MPS policy will support the following guidelines for MHS athletics:


The following must be complete by a Midland High School athlete in order to practice or try out:


1. Completed Athletic Physical Form in athletic office


2. Online Registration complete at

            Using “Mozilla Firefox” or “Google Chrome” browser,

                        a. Look under the “Forms” tab in the upper right corner

                        b. Select and complete “Online Athlete Registration”  


3. Activity Fee Requirement complete (one of the following three)

                  a. $150 paid online or in the athletic office

                  b. 2014-15 Free and Reduced Lunch application completed and                                      approved

                  c. A written request (email) to the MHS Principal asking for a scholarship due to recent financial hardship


Athletes will be required to stop in the athletic office during the week before their practice or try-out begins to verify completion of these requirements.

The Athletic Department will issue the athlete a “Gold Card” to be given to the athlete’s coach on the first day of practice.  This card will grant permission for the athlete to begin practice/try out. No Card = No Practice.